On of my favorite parts of teaching is working to develop integrative lessons in class. This semester I am working on a role playing project called Politics and Partisans where students in my American Government class choose from a set of characteristics and create their ideal government.

Their preferences are then tested against “crisis” scenarios. Throughout the semester, they’re asked to discuss the strengths and limits of their preferred characteristics as well as the limits of any ideology when confronted with real world scenarios.

I plan to develop courses on undergraduate methods and research design. Exposing undergraduates to methods and modes of inquiry is an important goal of mine. I try to do a little of it in all of my classes, but I’d love to teach a class (or series of classes!) that focus on undergraduate research.

Worcester State University:

American Government

Foundations of Legal Studies

Law-Pocalypse: Film, Law, and Society

Harry Potter and Social Justice (law and literature )

Politics of the Nuclear Age

University of Massachusetts, Amherst:

Introduction to Legal Studies

Political Science: Interpretation and Analysis